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Everyone love lord krishna, So today we are going to read an essay on lord krishna in english. So without wasting time Let's get into our essay on lord krishna in english.

More than 5200 years back, Lord Krishna had stepped on the land of ours. He was born when his parents were in the Jail, Kansa had been foretold that he would be killed by the 8th son of his sister Devki. Thus he (Kansa) had put them behind the bars. But when the birth of Krishna took place he was saved and in his place a newly born girl was put in the cradle. Krishna was known thus because he was dark in complexion.

India was then divided into very many kingdoms, each ruled by practically despotic ruler. There was not much check on them. Country needed a strong personality, who should restore democracy and create a big empire founded on democratic principles. Krishna proved to be a saviour under the circumstances prevailing in the country in those days.

When younger, Krishna started taking part in diplomacy and diplomatic relation of the Yadava confederacy with other neighbouring rulers after Krishna killed Kansa, the two widowed queens returned to their father's country-Magadha, to live under his protection. These two queens brooded over the loss of their husbands, his country, their wealth and position. They longed for revenge on the Yadavas. Eventually Jarasandha the ruler of Magdha (Bihar) too felt that the Yadavas should be punished for daring to kill his son-in-law A tremendous battle took place and Balram captured Jarasandha alive. But Krishna used diplomacy and released Jarasandha. This act on the part of Krishna humiliated and demoralised Jarasandha. Through the succeeding years, Jarasandha attacked Mathura and the Yadavas seventeen times. Krishna and Balram were wonderful warriors, they had extra ordinary and magnificent weapons. Krishna chose Dwarka as his new capital. After the Yadavas had settled down in Dwarka and were fully organised as a competent fighting force, they defeated Jarasandha which brought a land mark in the history of India, as he had gained unpopularity, due to so many rulers keeping in his Jail. All these kings were released by Lord Krishna, who was aiming at a big democratic set-up.

Sudama and Krishna were friends and students of Sandipani Muni's Ashram. The episode reveals that once Sudama, the poor Brahmin accompanying his wife, visited Dwarka when he was warmly received by Krishna is praiseworthy. According to Swami Dayanand Saraswati Lord Krishna never committed a sin in his life. Even today some worship him as Avtar.

Let us come to the Mahabharata the greatest epic poem in the world. Revered as a religious text by the people of India, it has been recognised by people all over to be a classic of world literature too. Krishna made a last effort to avoid war by himself going on mission to Kaurava Court. But Duryodhana was adamant. Krishna had a secret talk with Karana, where he told him that he was Kunti's son and asked him to join his brothers, the Pandavas. Krishna approached by both Arjuna and Duryodhana, gave them a choice. One could have his army, the other could have him as a non-combatant charioteer and aide; Duryodhana took the army, Arjuna chose Krishna. In the Kaurava's capital Bhisham and Drona faced cruel predicaments. They were convinced that the Pandava's cause was just. Even then Bhishama became the Supreme Commander of Kaurava Forces, while seeing his Guru Dronacharya, Bhishama and other kith and kin in the battle field, opposing him, Arjuna was not in a mood to fight. Under the circumstances the sermon given by Lord Krishna in the battle field of Kurukshetra in the form of Gita, have had a remarkable effect on Arjuna. When he realised that the soul is immortal, he got encouragement and was ready to fight. Gita is a part of the epic and has been extensively studied and is available in many languages.

Another episode which one has to reject is the disrobing of Dropadi in front of all the Dussasana after the Pandavas lost every thing in the game of dice and miraculous rescue by the invisible Krishna who fed endless lengths of cloth so at there was no end to her unreeling.

Hope you liked the essay on lord krishna in english. If you liked it then make sure to comment JAI SHREE KRISHNA . See you in next essay.

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